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Ear Natural Cures

If you find yourself in need of medicine, but you do not have any, here are some earache natural cures that you can use.

“If you find yourself in need of medicine
but you do not have any, here are some earache natural
cures that you can use.”


Garlic and onions are two of the most common foods with antibiotic abilities present in them. If you have onion or garlic you can find some quick relief.

Take a few garlic cloves and place them in sesame oil. Heat the oil on the stove until it becomes warm. You are going to put the oil into your ear so make sure that it isn’t too hot.

When the oil gets warm, lay down on your side, and place a few drops into your ear. Stay like this for a few minutes and then switch sides. If you do not have ooil, you can just place garlic cloves over years, but many people find the oil more effective.

Red Onion

Onions are used in a similar way. To use an onion, cook a whole onion until it gets soft. Wrap this onion in a thin piece of cloth, and then place it over your ear. Leave this for a mew minutes, and then switch.

A similar practice has been done by the Chinese for years. They use peppermint leaves instead of onion or garlic. Press a few peppermint leaves to get the juice. Then use it as if it were the oil and garlic remedy.

Another earache natural cure can be done by using vitamins A and C. The ears need vitamins A and C. When you are doing these other remedies, eat a piece of fruit. Citrus fruits like Oranges, lemons and limes have a high volume of vitamins A and C.

If these earache natural cures do not work you should go and see a doctor.

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