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Earache Pain Relief

“One key to finding the right earache pain relief is to first find the source of the earache. The root cause of pain in the ear can vary but here are some of the most common ones:

  1. Otitis media. This is a type of inflammation that occurs in the middle ear—the region between the inner ear and the eardrum. When the middle ear experiences inflammation, the Eustachian tubes close.Fluid in the ear then becomes trapped. While otitis media may not result in any symptoms, sometimes it can cause earaches.
  2. Ear infection. When bacteria attack your ears, the result can be an ear infection. This infection can lead to a wide variety of symptoms, including irritability, fever, and yes—earaches. What’s the source of the ear infections?Between the throat and middle ear there’s something called the “Eustachian tubes.” Under certain situations, such the common cold or allergies, the Eustachian tubes get clogged up. This allows more bacteria to enter the middle ear, and cause an infection.
  3. Ear wax. While ear wax buildup is common, it’s important to have a professional remove it as soon as possible. Failing to do that can result in various problems, including holes in the eardrums, and major ear infections.Never remove the ear wax yourself, or ask an untrained person to do it. Using the wrong equipment to achieve earache pain relief could result in eardrum damage.
  4. Eardrum damage. The eardrum is located between the middle ear and the outer ear. It’s normal for the membrane to pulsate whenever sound waves hit it. But when the eardrum becomes damaged, the process of hearing is inhibited, and earaches can also result. These ear problems can create a need for earache pain relief. Deal with it by finding a remedy that works well and heals holistically.

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